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Cosmetic science and Lake Garda

Lucia Cussolotto. Founder

She comes from lake area, Pharmacist with degree in CTF (Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies), 2 great passions: cosmetic science and Lake Garda.
After several years in cosmetic companies, and after an inspirational journey, she had the intuition to combine her passions by creating cosmetic products entirely dedicated to the territory of Lake Garda and its fruits. VitaLake is so born.

Authentic ingredients of Lake Garda; effective, natural and safe formulations; packaging and materials environmental friendly. VitaLake Brand fully reflects her style and values: authenticity, sobriety and respect.

The team “VitaLake’s Angels” has always enthusiastically shared with her this trip and together they realize VitaLake. Lucia is now signing fifteen cosmetic creations VitaLake, authentic and valuable allies of well-being and beauty.

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